The sorority includes women with college training, Baccalaureate, Masters, Doctoral degrees (earned and honorary), and professional degrees. Its membership includes women in all professions such as medicine and health, law education, public administration and government, corporate management and the physical and social sciences.  Zeta women are achievers and many of them have set standards of excellence in their chosen fields. Members benefit from well-defined networking and support systems within the sorority that offer international linkages.  They also have opportunities to exercise their leadership potential or utilize numerous other talents and skill within the sorority and the community.

Benefits of Membership

Along with the benefits of support, encouragement and friendships that last a lifetime, Zeta Phi Beta membership offers many practical benefits.

Opportunity to Serve

Through volunteerism in the community and on campus, Zeta women develop the self worth and pride that comes from serving others and making a positive contribution to society.

Professional Development

Zeta women develop leadership skills by attending seminars, holding officer and committee positions within the chapter; and serve as role models for the Sorority’s youth affiliates.

Personal Development

Membership in Zeta Phi Beta Sorority is a living and learning experience for women with shared values and objectives. You will have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of activities where you can use your unique talents and knowledge to contribute to the chapter and your community.


Zeta Phi Beta encourages young women to learn and grow in the spirit of sisterly love and friendship; throughout their college years and beyond.

Zeta women give services through such activities as:
• Conducting community service projects
• Providing legislative information
• Participating with voluntary organizations in providing services
• Providing scholarships
• Contributing to organized charities
• Promoting voter education and voters registration
• Providing tutorial services to enhance the literacy of community residents

The Vision

Gamma Nu Zeta Chapter strives to be a Chapter of Excellence, known as “The Mother Pearl Chapter of New Jersey”, the standard by which others are measured. We strive to be the embodiment of Community Service, Scholarship, Sisterhood and Finer Womanhood in Camden City and the Western Camden County area.

The Mission

The mission of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Gamma Nu Zeta Chapter is to embody, promote and implement the principles of ideals of Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood and Finer Womanhood. To be Actively committed to strengthening and empowering the community we serve and uplifting the spirit of mankind. We will ensure that our conduct is a true representation of great character, world class service and dignity, that of our beloved sisterhood.

The Motto

“The Mother Pearl of New Jersey-Exhibiting Finer Womanhood and Excellence While Serving our Communities.”

More Info
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